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I’m So Broke Quotes

I’m So Broke:
When I call my voice mail, I have to call collect.

I’m so broke, my girlfriend left me to enter Mexico illegally.

The IRS recently sent me a letter regarding this year’s tax filing that said: “Don’t bother.”

I don’t have enough cents to finish this sentence…

i’m so broke that the last time i was warm was when my house burnt down….

The lower-class revoked my membership for not keeping up with my dues.

I’m so broke the phisher’s are sending me money.

I’m so broke, I watch my neighbors for entertainment.

I’m so broke that my little boy thought the doorknob was a biscuit.

I’m so broke i eat my cereal with a fork to save milk

Both the Democratic and Republican Parties removed me from their donor mailing lists.

I’m so broke i have to steal my neighbors internet to post this.

I asked Congress for a bailout so I can help pay for my bankruptcy filing.

That I e-mailed the Obama Administration asking them if they could spare some change I can believe in.

Blogger has threatened to foreclose my free blog.

I’m so broke, I can’t even PAY attention.

im so broke, my friends spoted me walking down the street with one shoe. They said
‘You lost a shoe’.
I said – no i found one.

I’m so broke, I just searched the internet for eggshell recipes.

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