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Creole China Doll Eyecandy Urban Model

Kitty Kennedy. A Louisiana native, Kitty proudly represents her Creole heritage, a potent bloodline of African, Indian & French people.

Her accolades include but are not limited to magazines such as V-Blazin, Silk, TitaniumGirlz, FBM, Omigawd, & Dream. Countless websites have also interviewed & featured this Creole queen.,,,, BlackStallionz… the list goes on & on! Not to mention a whole slew of new interviews & pics that are still due to be released.

Creole China Doll does more than pose for the camera. Formerly the Editing Director for Silk Magazine, she climbed the ladder & was promoted to Editor-In-Chief of Silk Magazine in March 2010. Kitty is also an expert in photo retouching & independently does so for models, photographers, & magazines that require quality photos for publishing in both print & internet. Kitty has managed models under her own name since 2009, but in order to expand her brand she officially registered her company, Imperial Dynasty, with the state of Louisiana in July 2011. As CEO of Imperial Dynasty, Kitty professionally represents models, performs consultations, negotiates bookings, & whatever else is necessary to make sure that her models are well taken care of.

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